I bet you didn’t expect things would turn out this way.

We took the jump, hand in hand, and never looked back.

It’s been a year and a bit, though we never expected to collide like this.

A hug is all it takes to ignite me back into your bones.


We are as friendly as two flies, yet loving as two birds.

You’re my everything and I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

Losing ourselves through intoxicated phrases, ice cold tongues.

What we had can never be fixed so maybe this is some kind of broken.


It’s weighing us down to the south of where you lie,

Cheering and ending the year with loved ones.

It’s taking a toll on my well being while I’m stuck,

Stuck in the crease of our homeland.


From finger snaps away, you came rolling in like a barrel,

Going fast, straight back into my heart space.

Though it is limited, few can reserve such space,

There will always be a nook for you.






Why hello reader. Thanks for checking in. Just starting up this site so it will take a while until it’s fully up and running. I promise to keep you satisfied.

This blog/site is going to be my “life at a glance” where I will be posting pictures, videos and writing for you.

Hope you like what you see. Feedback is always appreciated.

Have a great day.

Xx Sarah