No No No

Taking me hard by everything I’ve ever known,

and was told wouldn’t ever happen,

I was pushed to the dirt by the blood on your hands.

You smiled while I was vulnerable, the worst crime.

Smoke filled the air, your scent filled the space for a moment in time.

No no no.

Stripped of my rights, you told me I would never amount to anything after this,

I’d never find one to care for me in my darkest moments.

For no one wants to befriend a girl who didn’t get to choose her fate.

I believed every word and put truth behind you.

I pretended to worship you after struggling was getting me nowhere.

No no no.

Screams came out silent and tears rolled dry down my face.

A little harder, a little louder I tried to take flight and finish the fight,

To regain strength and put the thoughts to rest that told me I’m not worth anything.

No no no.

For your hands that took away my innocence

and courage dug right between the lines of everything I was ever told.

But no no no,

It’s been 6 years and you still hold my confidence, my will to speak out.


Xx Sarah




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