Between Friends

Darling it’s been quite some time, would you tell me how you are?

My mind has been racing and I’ve been erasing everything you’ve said to me.

Eyes glow and lips know just how much silence can fill this room.

Feelings within me have carved art in these walls,

But that’s all history now, it’s just history now.

Like a museum, these fixtures will remain engraved in my bones for all to see.

On a pedestal, middle ground, nothing has never been this simple.

You entered, you left, you came and now you’re gone.

It’s so real, it’s tragic, the consequences and

Wondering what we could’ve been, it’s so sad.

Stains on cigarettes tell me you’ve moved on,

so I want to be your lighter, let me be your lighter.

Something has gotten into me and now I know,

I might never love again, for I’d drown in you.

People move on and people find new people.

But between friends it shouldn’t matter at all.


Xx Sarah




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