No Room For Fun

That night, I still remember how the lights went down,

And we said we’d never make this complicated.

We decided to throw the paper plane and dive right in.

Stopped suddenly as if we hit a brick wall.


Hands intertwined as you helped me up from demons.

Saving my breath for the times I need it most,

But that was the one thing you had to steal from me.

You may be a dream but I won’t stick around forever.


The floor never looked so good, but it’s too late.

I can’t look past the truth this time, it’s cruel.

What did you think would happen when we lifted the plunge?

Water rushed in and drowned out anything we had left.


The veins in my hands are tired from trying to hold on,

To the unknown strings that hold up your heart.

Letting go is what I know best from the ones who think it’s a silly game.

Been hurt enough to know when to give up.


Three years and nothings changed, still invisible,

To your ever changing view on what’s right for you.

You know it’s me, you know it’s right there.

The one who took you in when no one else cared.


Even looking past the mishaps, it’s no use.

We bend and we broke into something wise.

And now I know what it feels like when you say,

There’s no room for fun.


Xx Sarah





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