Stay The Same

Coming up on the other side,

I saw your fears and showed you mine.

We ran forever to infinity,

And for once, you were my family.

Jaded eyes never shut,

A close encounter, just our luck.

I promise you I’ll never leave,

It’s not you, it’s not naive.

Cotton candy skies will make you wonder,

Why it gets dark and has to thunder.

Though without a storm, we would not grow,

We would not go, we would not know.

We never made a pact so strong,

Without one of us being strung along,

I need your wisdom like you need mine,

Like we promised for the billionth time.

From earth to space, it’s just a game,

Running down fields, glad they came.

Afterall, seasons change,

But you and I will stay the same.

Xx Sarah


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