A Broken Bond

How highly I think of you is terrible.


Youth slipping away from the fountain,

my finger tips frozen.

Pushed up against the wall, dewey eyes,

I wait for you to come in.

Grass stains on my knees in a patch like pattern,

I pull the roots from under your feet.

You go flying around and around,

Spinning like saturn.

You ignore the signals I send,

Turning back into the storm.

I’m swinging from a tree vine,

Barely hanging on, a hand you should lend.

It could be the silence in your voice,

The way your body moves but,

All I know is how to hold your hand

Like the first time we made the choice.

We fell into the rabbit hole,

and came out two separate lives.

Just one more time to hold your hand,

One more time to touch your soul.

Silver is not turning to gold,

A line in the dark to never be seen,

I want to be someone you miss,

I want to be the one you want to hold.


Xx Sarah





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