Neon Lights

I am a firefly so subtle,

catching drifts from the darkness,

finding my light from within.

You captured me in a jar,

and set me free at the time I needed you most.

You are a puppet master,

tugging, guiding my heart strings.

It’s out of control,

I can’t breath.

Gasping ever so violently

for the words to tell you

how much I hate that I love you.

Skin on skin,

the moonlight shines on my backside,

releasing the beauty that I am unable to see.

Am I free yet?

Your finger tips tracing the things I wish I could change.

You said you loved them

and I was stupid enough to believe you.

I fall down.


and farther,

into the rabbit hole of your soul.

Something sucks the life out of me

everytime you come around

– yet I keep coming back.

I am blinded by your eyes,

not realizing how much better I deserve.

Farther and father,

I come to a set of lights.

Do I go?

Do I stay?

Then I stopped. Neon and all.

Turned around and decided to change.

A miracle if you will.

Time to stand up for all of us too afraid to do anything.

Under the neon lights I decided you were just a dream

that will fade with the rest of the ones that got away.


Xx Sarah



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