Take Me There

Take me to the 1950s and buy me a burger and a shake.
We’ll talk about the future,
And how much you mean to me.
Dancing the night away,
There’s nothing more I want than this.
You tell me, “You’re the one that I want”,
I say, “Well then you better shape up.”
Let’s travel across the seas,
Polaroids and tapes,
That’s all we’ll ever need besides each other.
You’ll say, “we’re going steady”,
I’ll chime in with, “I think I’m ready.”
We laugh and we love,
We learn and we live.
I think it’s strange how you admire me,
Without you, what would my life be?
Spinning me so that sundress flies,
I broke away, but never said goodbye.
And now you sit, in that old wood chair by the sea,
And reminisce the memories of you and me.

S. K. Young


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