Finding You

Soooo… it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about adoption but I’m at the age where I’m hopeful in finding birth mother. It hasn’t been easy with the thought that maybe she doesn’t want to meet me but I know in my heart that is not true at all.

When I was born, she left me a stuffed bunny and a card to my parents that says: “Hope my little treasure will always give you both happiness and laughter. Sarah will always remain a part of me. I love her lots and lots”.

If it just so happens that we never end up meeting, that’s ok. It wasn’t meant to be. And that’s why the poem below is for her – for the women who chose to give me a healthy, happy life. The best gift I’ve ever recieved is from someone I’ve never met.


Searching, reaching,

I’ll never give up,

For this thing I once knew,

For this thing called love.

You gave me life,

I gave you passion,

You will replay the memories,

In an orderly fashion.

It must be hard,

For you I know,

Just give it time,

And you’ll see us both grow.

I want you to know,

How happy I am,

If it wasn’t for you,

I would not be able to stand.

The thought of distance,

Kills me too,

But that doesn’t mean,

I’ll ever forget you.

You are my safe,

You are the light,

You gave me strength,

To see everything will be alright.

And with that said,

I hope we meet,

So that you can see,

Everything I’ve grown to be.


I love you.

S. K. Young




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