Falling With Nowhere To Go

Falling with nowhere to go,

The ground never seemed so far,

Don’t let this down, don’t let this crumble,

Hearts racing faster than a race car.

Hands within reach,

Face slowly burning up,

Glances makes us wonder,

Darling, will this ever be enough?

Gentle whispers and vacant sounds,

Heart pounds, pounds, pounds,

it’s hard to focus on what’s real,

Mixed signals have never been so loud.

Friends as they call it,

Quotations or not,

Define us from now til death,

Lust is contagious, a silly thing we’ve caught.

Leave now or forever more,

A feeling I never thought would come around,

Caring for you has brought faith,

Oh darling, just let us have a taste.

That last goodbye was hard enough,

A laugh, a glance, a hug was all,

Darling, our lips did not touch,

It was you, it was me, it was us who made me fall.

Xx Sarah


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