Poem: Old Faces

Bittersweet smiles and longing eyes

Fill the streets of once upon a time.

Nostalgic voices chitter chatter,

Yet, not even making a sound.

Loving arms welcome a many,

Tired footsteps take us home.

You were there, making an entrance,

the only thing I actually noticed.

Grooving, swinging, to the beat,

It seems we lost sight of what’s to be.

I say hello and long for you,

But it’s too late, you’re a man of wonder.

Memories creep back into my head,

I reason that I should let go.

Cotton candy and popcorn smells,

fill the air as I turn around.

I left you years ago, it must happen again,

So nice to know that your life’s began.

A smile can hide so much more,

when old faces creep at the door.


Hope this brings back some nostalgic feelings for you in one way or another. Have a wondeful Sunday!

Xx Sarah




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