Understanding Adoption: Part 3

The hardest part about being adopted for me is knowing next to nothing about the life my mother lived. I wonder all the time what her favorite food is or what place she finds peace in when she is stressed. What about her favorite books, movies and places to shop? Every little detail is important to me.

To not understand fully the reasons I couldn’t stay with her is hard as well. I know deep down all the little things she is make up who I am so I’ll always have a part of her with me. It’s funny because most mothers and daughters look similar so I like to look in the mirror and try to picture what she might look like.

I do know that she loved music, poetry and to cook – three things I am very passionate about. Maybe that’s why concerts are my happy place. Maybe how I took piano lessons. That poetry is something I love to read and write. And that cooking is relaxing and has always been a big part of my life.

When I first found out all of these things, it made me smile because I realized my mom now loves to cook – she owned a restaurant and a food shop when I was much younger. My mom loves to read and she plays piano very well.

Considering how it all ties together, it’s clear to see that my birth mother chose my parents because of their interests and warm loving spirit.

Thanks for reading.

Xx Sarah






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