Poem: Up In The Air

So early never to know,

Just where my heart is telling me to go.

Ponder and wait for the moment of life,

My heart beats loudly through pain and through strife.

Traffic and people fill the scene,

The most content the city has ever seen.

Rows of orange, lines of yellow,

The night time reaches a mood of mellow.

Hands in the air for all to see,

Clink of glasses between you and me.

Honk honk honk – the city roars,

Pushing through people, opening doors.

Loud screams and happy faces,

Oh darling, it’ll take you places.

From east to west and north to south,

Wide smiles painted on your mouth.

Time oh time, flies on by,

Birds a soaring way up high.

We become humble as the day ends,

The way the sky fades and the sun begins to descend.


Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

Xx Sarah


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