Poem: Oh, Darling

You talk sweetly, words of wisdom,

taking me to another dimension.

Second guesses are all I know,

all you say is, “here we go”.

We’re gonna fly, we’re gonna fly,

higher, higher into the sky.

Happy thoughts, a laughing sound,

the two things that lift us off the ground.

Touching the stars that shine so bright,

a beautiful life, a beautiful sight.

Hand in hand, never let go,

“a warm embrace”, you tell me so.

I fought your demons and showed you love,

wishing to be the one you thought of.

Another world, another place,

a hand brushing the side of a face.

Tears a many, racing down,

I’m so not cut out for this town.

I told you that I must go,

You didn’t understand and told me, “no”.

I ran so fast, back to where I call home,

Feelings crept upon me, feeling alone.

I have no doubt, that when I cry,

you’ll be the clouds way up in the sky.

You’ll be in my heart forever and ever and

know you’ll read my stories one day about us in neverland.


Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.

Xx Sarah







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