Poem: Let It Be

Wrote this fairly recently. Just banter from my mind. Hope you enjoy.

Who said that it’s ok to take one’s joy and throw it away?

Feelings creep up the depths of my throat,

Making me ponder the words I once wrote.

Tosses and turns always return with one flick of the heart.

These emotions are not new,

I guess I just never learned how to cope with the feeling of regret.

And though you’re only one-step away,

I’ve always wondered if you’d take the chance and stay.

You walked into my life the day of the storm,

Your blue Californian eyes,

They keep me warm.

Singing tunes of past memories on that old guitar,

The Beatles on repeat singing “let it be”.

Where life will lead us, I am unsure,

But I do know that we all get lost when in search of something great.

We think we know, but then we lose it all.

For this is just a chapter, not the end,

Your friends will help you mend.

So long, farewell, to the one who left,

Take a step forward and a deep breath.

Let it be.

Xx Sarah


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