Poem: Brusied & Broken

Before you read this poem, there’s a few things you should know. First of all, yes – it is a darker selection of words. Second, this was written for a friend of mine a few years ago.. But no, that friend does not know it’s about them… yet. The reason I’m putting this out there is because this is not a poem about one specific issue. It could be about many but that’s for you to interpret. There have been a few people who have read this and they related so I thought I’d share it. I know it is risky because of how heavy it is, but taking risks is good sometimes. Enjoy…

Brusied & Broken

Broken wings on the arms of the angel,

She walks to her room, sad and torn.

Lays her head on the pillow, dreaming of a better tomorrow.

Wonders fill her thoughts, screams drown her words.

He lifts her up like a villain in disguise,

Spinning her ‘round like a helicopter out of control.

He takes her hand pulling her close

And pushes her away with the push of his finger.

Whispers and stares fill the halls

Of the kids who she once knew.

Passing by with no meaning,

Hole in heart, whole in mind.

Wings repaired, scars still there.

She walks to the door, knocking in fear

He opens up, let’s her in

She will never escape, ever again.

He’s taken her for life.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xx Sarah


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