Guest post: Child of Mine

I had the opportunity to be featured on a blog called! The blogger’s name is Justin and he has been following my blog since day one. He is a true inspiration and his blog is wonderful. I suggest you check his out. This is a poem I wrote for the girl I babysit. Justin has a young daughter and thought the poem would be fitting. Enjoy!

Book of Mohs

When you can’t sleep and are
thinking about everything wrong,
don’t worry my darling,
for you I’ll stay strong.

Fighting the monsters from under your bed,
reading stories – you’ll ask for your favorite.
Not one, not two, but three,
I’ll go fetch your blanket.

I’ll paint you a blue sky if you want
to take away the rainstorm.
I’m right here to protect your heart,
hold your hand and keep it warm.

Don’t run into the dark,
but instead into my arms.
What a pretty little mind,
a beautiful charm.

Never lose that laugh of yours,
for it is too amazing.
Embrace yourself, never let go,
and dance like no one’s watching

So when you can’t sleep,
think of me.
Don’t worry my darling,
I’ll be in your dreams.

About the Author:

Sarah Young
Ontario, Canada
Website: Blog Lost & Found
Sarah is an outstanding writer and blogger as…

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