Poem: I Have Won

I got the idea for this poem while I was waiting for something to print at my internship. This is what came out of me and is the unedited, original version -nothing has been changed. I wrote down what my heart was saying. Sometimes when I write a poem, the words all come out smoothly in under 10 minutes. This was one of those times. I have showed one person so far and they seemed to enjoy it. I hope you do as well. P.S. I love feedback.

I Have Won

Why are we here? I do not know.

Why do lovers come and go?

Friends a many, family a must,

But you in my mind, you’re only my lust.

Fear me not, though I have sinned,

My fragile heart, it has you pinned.

Love me, leave me,

But never deceive me.

Give me strength, give me war,

Thus show me what I’m fighting for.

Give me pain, give me love,

For it is you I have always spoke of.

Now lay me down, to a deep sleep,

My secrets are yours, forever to keep.

You hold my heart in your hand,

If you let go, it’ll crumble like sand.

I must go, as you see,

Forever in peace I hope you’ll be.

Thanks again for all you’ve done,

I may have lost but feel like I’ve won.

Written by Sarah Young on AUG. 19, 2013 

Xx Sarah


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