Happiness: The World’s Most Treasured Emotion

“The formula for happiness is not the same for everyone. But the good news is that the things we love to do are the building blocks of a happy life. Play, having new experiences, friends and family, doing things that are meaningful, appreciating what we have – these are the things that make us happy and they’re free. And with happiness, the more you have, the more everyone has.” – The HAPPY Movie


Where does happiness originate from?

There’s a documentary called Happy on Netflix which takes viewers from Louisiana to Namibia, and from the beaches of Brazil to the villages of Okinawa. After hearing so much positive feedback on the film, I decided to take a look for myself. This documentary really analyzes deeper into what makes one happy, and as I watched, I formulated my own theory on why those less fortunate can be happier than those with more than they need.

There’s a family in the beginning who live in a shack type house and have one bed with one side of the house completely open. The father explained that their house is good and the open side of the house helps the air circulate. He mentions that it’s only when it rains that it can get annoying, but otherwise they are fine. The family can only find rice and salt to eat for some of the meals but they say that they are still satisfied.


He also mentions that one of his biggest joys is when he comes home after a long day of work and he hears his children call out to him as he heads towards the house. That’s really something to think about. (picture above)

In the last quarter of the movie, the film shows a speaker at a middle school talking about how picking on others is not healthy for anyone and really does not make one happy.


A couple of kids come up and share why they get picked on and how it affects them and their daily life. This part really made me shed a tear – not only because of what was being said to the kids, but also because even with all the anti-bullying awareness that goes on – it’s not helping. It seems to only be getting worse.

Here’s the full speech segment from the movie:

Happy continues through a few other parts of the world looking at families and communities and their lifesyles. It shows what uniques things can make certain groups happy. It’s different for everyone – it really is.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people are happier when they have less. For the family I described first, it’s not about the lastest gadget or what clothes or car they want next – it’s about getting enough food and keeping the children safe. That’s what makes them happy and just knowing that they are safe and sound is enough to make them happy. Being together is enough to bring joy. They have next to nothing, yet they have the ability and strength to  smile and act like they have the world.


On the other hand, someone living in the States could have everything and be upset because the video game they wanted is sold out or the Wi-Fi is down. I wish we could learn to be completely happy with a roof over our head, food to keep us going and friends and family around. But in this day and age it’s really not that simple.

Happiness comes with compassion, graditude and love for one another, but most importantly YOURSELF. As I like to say: love yourself, love the world. Simple as that.This documentary really benefitted my well being and I’m sure it will do the same for you. I recommend watching this by yourself on your ‘me’ day.

Watch the trailer:

Check out more information and watch the film: http://www.thehappymovie.com

Also, ‘like’ the film’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HappyMovie

Xx Sarah


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