Poem for Thought

This is a poem I wrote a few years back. It’s really personal. This is by far the best way I could ever describe how I used to feel. No one knows its true meaning… Yet.

What do YOU think this is about?

Who Are You?

You are the light,

The only one who truly understands me,

but I don’t even know you.

You’re just another obstacle in my life,

I’m trying to fight.

When my head starts to spin,

you’re the stars flying around my head.

When I walk outside after the rain,

you’re the illusion laying on the pavement,

Whispering with you’re eyes,

for me to come closer.

Not this time, not anytime.

I won’t give in to your silly heart-breaking games.

This time,

I clear my head with the things that are good,

I tear you down, pushing you out of my view,

Taking my foot in the other direction, I wipe you off the pavement.

Xx Sarah


2 thoughts on “Poem for Thought

    1. Thank you so much. You taught me how to not be afraid to put myself out there. I’ve learned so much from you and I hope to learn even more.

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